Have I ever told you…

I used to write Harry Potter fan fiction when I was 13 years old. Β Mind you, I was living and breathing Harry Potter and could quote lines off the books. I can’t believe I forgot that I’ve written three chapters in 2003 and have neglected my loyal followers!

How unfortunate. I just re-read my rom-com story of Draco Malfoy & Ginny Weasley. ouuu it gets real good in Chapter 3. I had major lols when I read my ‘bio’ section since my favourite music artist is eminem (with two exclamation points after his name) and that the thing that the thing that I like the most was”… to have a bf. lol. yes that would be nice.. but! what i would like is to meet TOM FELTON!”

Oh 13-year old Val, how you have changed since 2003.. for the better.



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