Linchpin You Are Indispensible

Throughout the summer, I have been figuring out what I want to do, what kind of business I want to move into, whether these decisions are feasible or realistic, and other strategic choices I have to take to make it big somewhere, somehow. I have high hopes of making an impact on the world in some way or another, I feel that it probably wouldn’t happen. I’m still figuring out who I am and figuring out where I’ll be growing and moving into the next few years since school will come to a close for me in April 2011. It’s a daunting thought to be honest. It’s sort of like I been preparing for this moment for 21 years and now it’s time to figure shit out on my own. How the hell do I know what to do? – So I started to reach Linchpin… below is just an excerpt from the book. It’s a really good read especially for people who are as fucking lost in life/work/love as I am right now.

You Are a Genius
If a genius is someone with exceptional abilities and the insight to find the not so obvious solution to a problem, you don’t need to win a Nobel Prize to be one. A genius looks at something that others are stuck on and gets the world unstuck.
So the question is: Have you ever done that? Have you ever found a shortcut that others couldn’t find? Solved a problem that confounded your family? Seen a way to make something work that wasn’t working before? Made a personal connection with someone who was out of reach to everyone else? Even once?

No one is a genius all the time. Einstein had trouble finding his house when he walked home from work every day. But all of us are geniuses sometimes.
The tragedy is that society (your school, your boss, your government, your family) keeps drumming the genius part out. The problem is that our culture has engaged in a Faustian bargain, in which we trade our genius and artistry for apparent stability.

Like what you read? – You should consider downloading the book or buying it.


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