The Secret

Apparently, I’m about four years late in discovering the Secret. Two week ago, my classmates from my Practicum class and I went to Earls for lunch (and some drinks) to wind down after a stressful month. My classmates K and M somehow got on the topic of ‘the secret’ and how they use it in their everyday life. M mentioned that she read the book and created goals for herself. She created a vision of her ideal man and put it all on paper. She envisioned him, knew what he looked like, his personality… until she finally found him. When I first heard this, I (like many around the table) were thinking ‘what the heck? are you serious?’ Indeed it is – when M found her man, she knew he was the one. Seven years later, and approximately four weeks ago, he asked her to marry him.

This is when I decided to take a deeper look into what the ‘secret’ truly was. What is this ‘secret’ that promises you any and all of your heart’s desires?


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