Flight is Booked

This past month has been extremely turbulent – throwing me off of my routine, forcing me to carry out with projects and slowly piecing things back together. There is one quote I saw at work that really stuck with me. It said, “on self love: never choose to make someone a priority, while making yourself their option.” So true.

I had a thoughtful conversation with my German teacher (the one that’s bringing us to Germany in May) last Thursday. I’ve always thought that I was a tough book to read as I don’t usually show my emotions. He could see through my mask and peer into brain only to see jumbled pieces of thoughts on love, life, etc (the usual). I felt like a teenager all over again (and it was ironic that we just read Ghost World) as I was exactly what the main characters felt: confused, nervous and scared of life’s journey. Work hasn’t been going well for awhile. It wasn’t quenching my thirst for HR experience and slowly I’ve become the outsider in a small organization. There’s nothing to explain it except through this leadership style I studied in Leadership class: Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) where there is an out-group and an in-group. It’s fucked. Especially since my boss RM prides herself for “creating a corporate culture” that is very inclusive. Even when I confronted her that “I felt like I was on the outside” multiple times, she didn’t take notice of it. A year ago I thought this was a great place to work for after making hundreds of lattes and cappuccinos at Starbucks. RM offered ‘potential growth opportunities’ and ‘great benefits’… well, that was a bit of a disappointment. So! Onto better and greener pastures (hopefully soon)…

There was one thing that he said that stuck with me: “Don’t be afraid to let the wind blow you around a little bit… it’s surprising to see that a lot of things in life are usually unexpected.”

My flight to Germany has been booked. All this talk about going on big adventures post-university is starting to formulate. I slowly planned this three years ago with about ten friends on board who are just as gung-ho as I was dreaming about backpacking Europe for months. Week by week I struggled as a Barista at Starbucks, making mere pennies and saving for a trip that I knew will take… quite frankly a long time. As each new year comes and passes, another friend drops off of our European Adventure. Understandably, I realize that things change and people change. It is always easy to psyched about predetermined fun-times meeting locals and other travelers around the world – but it is always difficult to back up those dreams with cold hard cash saved up. The original plan for the European trip was to go for 3-4 months and just living like locals live. It was idealistic. It was perfect. I had to give and take over the years.. only to have my last friend on the trip bail on me and doing it while beating around the bush. Not cool.

The only place I really wanted to go to was Germany. Just so happens Kwantlen organized a field trip to Germany with (unquestionably my favourite teacher). I signed up and I’m leaving in May. Plus, I booked an extra week longer in Germany to backpack solo around the country. There is always a reason NOT to do something when it requires a lot of money to carry out. But it’s about being brave and taking that step out of your comfort zone. At least that what I told myself…

Tickets and Rick Steves Germany Book


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