Wow! Sorry for the late post on my adventures in Berlin. So far, it’s been so-so because the whole trip is so unorganized. But nonetheless, the city is amazing. I love that I’m able to practice my broken German with classmates and attempt to understand what people are saying in the train, the bus, on the street etc etc.

Today we went to Potsdam for a day trip and it is absolutely beautiful. The castle and garden reminds me of Versaille in France. There’s so much graffiti around Berlin with big names like Banksy doing sketches on buildings. It’s a really cool culture here. It’s definately a place that supports hedonism which is super different and eyeopening.

Oh! Before I leave this blog off, I’ll tell you what I did for my birthday!!!
Currently, we’re staying at Wombats Hostel and my field trip group has been really nice to me. The original plan was to go to the Absynthe Bar and get trashed. But after a long day out, a really nice (and inexpensive) dinner in Mitte Berlin, it would be a shame to throw up on absynthe. haha, so I rerouted the plans to go to the Skybar which is on the top floor of the hostel. We wouldnt have to figure out our way home and not get lost etc etc. BEST IDEA EVER!!!

My girls on my field trip came up with me, bought me shots and beer. So awesome. We started with 4 shots of Jagerbombs for 10 Euros… and then it went to 5 Euros for a pitcher of beer… and then it went to playing Flip Cup with other travelers (Norwegian, French, French Canadians and a super awesome American). All of us got thoroughly trashed… So by the time we went downstairs because of last call, it was about 3am. About 30 seconds after going into our room, we heard a gentle knock on our door. I opened it, and there stands a skinny German boy sans clothing. ONLY boxers. And he speaks to me in German… Im thinking, what the fuck!?! This is nuts.. and I started giggling really badly. My other 2 roommates were sleeping so I tried to keep it down. I had to call my friend J out to help me translate cause shes better than me… but of course, drunk J starts giggling REAL hard when she sees them. 2nd skinny German boy comes over around the corner. We’re dying by this time because honestly, 2 skinny boys in small boxers!? Seriously?!?!?!

This was the greatest day of life. Unfortunately we had to go to sleep and had to shoo them away. : ) more stories to come!


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