May 24, 2011

Today has to be the second most interesting day that has happened after my birthday. It was great cause I was able to understand more German today than I did a week ago when I first got here. For our classwork I had to describe an ailment and go to an Apokothek (pharmacy store) and tell the Apokothek(in) (pharmacist) that I have a problem and needed a remedy/medication. I got real sun burnt on Saturday after going to Potsdam and walking around the gardens and palace. :c So I described my problems (my really red shoulders that are in so much pain) and the medication that I got. OK – so when people get sunburns, you usually get aloe vera to heal the skin because it has menthol in it that makes the skin feel better. APPARENTLY this doesn’t happen in Germany. The Apokotherin recommended some kind of foam/spray for my sunburn. It looked like mouse to put on my shoulders. Weirdest shit ever. First of all, it smelt like cheese. Second of all,  IT WAS FOAM!! What the heck!? Again, super weird shit.

But what was cool was that we did a Underground Tour of Berlin that showed us the bunkers created during WWII and the underground tunnels in the city. Pretty much the city planned that if there was going to be a nuclear reaction, there were places for people to stay in. And it wasn’t some kind of glorious living situation there either. There were bunkbeds up to 4 people high (with 3500 people living in a bunker), they must conserve air, and there is 100% humitity. It was so weird because we were able to get into the bunker through a functional subway station in Berlin.

After our cool visit to the unground bunkers, we saw the Berlin Wall and walked around that area, looking at the information posted on the area of who have died and what happened.

All this sightseeing of Berlin is pretty overwhelming just because there is a lot of history throughout the years. The city does an amazing job at integrating their past and the present.

Later, I went on a little excursion with my Prof Jason and friends. We walked around the Kastanian Alle and found a small little camera shop . The whole experience was so amazing because everyone was speaking in German and we were in this tiny 300 sq ft smoke-filled room with old school analog cameras, film, lenses etc.

Afterwards, Jason shows brings us to a cool record store that sells wicked vinyls and music. I was able to get my EDM fix there and subsequently got ridiculed my the shop owner because of my taste in music. Apparently trance isn’t ‘toll im Berlin’ (it means that it isn’t great or cool). I’m sorry that I like progressive trance music! Of course, Jason bursts our laughing after overhearing our conversations. Thaaaaanks.

After being publicly shamed by the shop keeper, I continued on with my quest for EDM music and that was seriously satisfied. Music coming out of Berlin is amazing and the quality of music is uncomparable. I had the biggest music Ständer in that store. The BIGGEST.

I ended buying a vinyl even though I don’t have a record player. Worst comes to worst, I’ll hang the art cover on my wall.


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