A quick bit on Vegas

Holy shit, have I told you that I’m officially broke now? 3 trips in the span of 2 months does not sit well with my bank account. Also – does anyone else get post-Vegas sadness? I’d like to call it my VPPD (Vegas Post Pardom Depression). My 4 day, 3 night trip felt like a week and I couldn’t adjust back home once I got back. I was comparing everything in Vancouver to Vegas… and I mean EVERYTHING. Our hotel, The Cosmopolitan  was SWANK (notice the caps lock?) I think we’ve set our Vegas standards pretty high goddamnit and lived like kings and queens for a few days.

I never understood how people could ‘party all night and sleep all day’ kind of thing. I mean, when I party all night, I don’t get a chance to sleep all day cause I’ve got work man! Well, that shit happens WHEN YOU’RE IN VEGAS. As my good friend and fellow Vegas buddy said to me, “the fear isn’t becoming addicted to gambling. It’s becoming addicted to Vegas.”


It is that good.


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