Currency Confusion in Marrakech Airport

I’m just reminiscing my travels to Morocco last May and thought of a useful tip for anyone going there. For those who are hanging out at Marrakech Airport before passing security, the stores take Moroccan Dirhams. The change you received after buying a sandwich pre-security is pretty much useless past security.

Duty-free and the other stores past security only take Euros. (I even pleaded with the cafe lady to take the equivalent in Dirhams for a bottle of water.) That being said, one of the few souvenirs I brought back from Morocco was with a bunch of useless coins and Dirham bills that I cannot exchange back in Canada.

If you have tons of time to kill before your flight, I suggest hanging out on the lounge area (pre-security) where you are immediately served mint tea once you sit down. That being said, I didn’t know whether or not I had to pay for the tea as there wasn’t a menu and the waiter guy just wasn’t all that attentive to his clients.

If you’re feeling a bit brazen, just hustle out of the lounge when the waiter isn’t looking.


Dining (scratch that -tea drinking) and dashing in Marrakech Airport.


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