Drug Lord Neighbours

So, I have a strong suspicion that my Filipino neighbours across the street from me are huge drug lords. Not only is their back yard filled with complete shit (garbage bags, random plywood), but the kind of crowd it brings to this family-loving block just isn’t cool. Why do I think they’re drug lords?

Potential Evidence #1: VPD keep circling around the block and slowing down at that house. Also, some cops stopped by to ask whether we’ve seen anyone steal a LOT of lumber from neighbour of the drug house’s. They were suspicious that the drug lords were moving on to stealing wood from homes that are being constructed.

Potential Evidence #2: I’ve also noticed that there is always one lone Filipino guy playing a game of bball by himself for hours in the afternoon. I mean, buddy, get a friend to join you or get someone to teach you how to play cause you missing 8/10 shots is pretty bad. That being said, I’m sure he’s on the lookout for buyers because whenever someone walks towards the backyard, he stops playing and goes inside.

Potential Evidence #3: A few months ago, some drug addict (could also potentially be a typical Vancity hipster) chained his ghetto bicycle to the stop sign in front of my house. Why would I say he’s a drug addict? 1. He looked so worn down. Like, homeless worn down 2. His demeanour just seemed like one of a homeless person. He suspiciously looked around and walked into the backyard and then into this ratty house which I’m only assuming that he’s getting his fix of whatever he needs.

Now, I’m not saying that all shitty looking homes in Vancouver are drug lord dens because let’s be honest – there’s a reason why the website Mansion or Crack Shack exists. But come on, couldn’t this Filipino drug ring be more inconspicuous like Mr. White’s meth ring in Breaking Bad? Couldn’t they just pretend to be a nice family on the surface!?! Gosh!

For now, I’m just going to keep spying on my neighbors through my bedroom window and having the blinds 1% open.


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