Missing Luggage Incident

I travel quite often for my job and this past Wednesday was just like any other. I took a late Air Canada flight out of Edmonton to Yellowknife after doing an all day Career Fair at U of A. Once arriving in Yk at around 11pm with the rest of the Japanese tourists on the plane, I found myself alone still waiting for my luggage.


My worst nightmare has come true. My small silver luggage never made it to Yellowknife. Good god. I did a mental check as to what I had in my backpack to survive.

Check mark symbol Cliff Bar and water

Check mark symbol Laptop and charger

Check mark symbol Cellphone and charger

Check mark symbol Comb

Check mark symbol Touque and scarf – It’s getting chilly in the North

Check mark symbol Check mark symbol Glasses

Check mark symbol Check mark symbol Check mark symbol  Makeup and comb

I gave myself extra Check mark symbol  to items that are super essential when I travel. If I wore contacts, I wouldn’t have had my solution or contact case with me.  It was genius idea Val, to wear glasses today (which is RARE).  I was super proud of myself and my readiness for missing luggage. Air Canada even gave me a little kit of tooth brush, paste, comb, deodorant, shower supplies in a nice little reusable lunch bag/kit.

Not too shabby Val.

I just had to wear the same clothes I was wearing the day before but that’s not bad at all.

That being said…


My friend in town drives me out to the Wal-Mart during our lunch break  so I can run this ridiculous errand of purchasing underwear to last me until I get my luggage. I am now subjected to wear some granny fucking  panties that Wal-Mart offers..

I strut off with the best 6 pair of undies for $13 package Wal-Mart has to offer. As I was walking to the front, my ankle twisted weird and I went down hard in the middle of the aisle. Clutching the package of underwear for dear life, I shuffled over to the cashier completely humiliated and embarrassed.

My life has just hit a new low.


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