There is nothing more exciting than going to a country which is supposedly in turmoil and in political distress. Don’t worry I get emails from my dad about this. But what do we Westerners truly know about Egypt? When I think of Egypt, I imagine Ancient Egyptian times of Pharaohs, sphinxes and hieroglyphics. I get caught up in the era where things were actually BC. Never do I imagine the current state of affairs where Cairo is a developing city and that people live in houses and not in pyramids or houses of stone. There is a an aspect of romanticism with Egypt.

Whoever is handling Egypt’s PR has really sold the idea of a country that has a long lived civilization many eons ago. I would say no other country has done a finer job than Egypt. That being said, I would have to give some credit to Greece and Rome who come in close 2nd and 3rd places. I mean, there are other places like China that has history from the Middle Ages but when one goes to China, that is not ALL that they experience.

As for Egypt, I’m sold on learning their culture and history. I’m just curious what else the country can offer. It’s unfortunate that the Media focuses on the violence, protests and demonstrations because modern day Egypt is so much more than that.




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