YVR – HKG Cathay Pacific CX889

It’s been over 10 years since I was last in Hong Kong and I knew that I had to fly with one airline overseas. After saving up all my points I’ve collected over the years, I booked with Cathay Pacific in a Premium Economy seat.While reading the info online, it doesn’t look like there’s much of a difference between regular Economy and Premium Economy… And woah – Was I wrong!!!

Let me talk about a few things:
No.1 – Seat Selection and Reclinability
Anyone that travels frequently can agree that the seat you choose is crucial in having a great experience. While booking my ticket, I checked out SeatGuru to see where I am ( I like aisle seats) and it’s distance to the washroom.
These seats are the closest thing to having a perfect sleep on a long haul flight. I always struggle with people who crank their seats back fast smashing their screen to my breakfast food against the tray. With these seats, you can push them back a solid 140 degrees. It’s mental! I had the best sleep of my life (also with the aid of Night time Benelyn).

No.2 Food
You get real cutlery!!! None of this plastic spork bullshit. The dinner and breakfast menu was delicious with the choice between Asian and Western cuisine. I have such a soft spot for congee… Maybe because it’s warm and comforting and my go to meal whenever I’m sick. In any case, chicken congee for breakfast was the bomb diggidy. They also give you a 500ml bottle of water before you go to sleep. (brilliant!)

Side notes: Don’t forget to ask for Champagne if you’re having issues sleeping! If you do have the munchies in the middle of the night, ask the FA for their legit asian cup noodles. If youre not interested in msg filled soup, they also have chips and crackers on standby.


I’m arriving in HK November 2 – had an awesome rest and great food on the plane. Time to hit the city for a full day of sight-seeing!





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