I’d Rather Not Be Molested on a Flight, Rapey Harry Potter


After my 9 hr overseas flight from Vancouver to London in which I couldn’t sleep all flight, I stayed awake a little further so that I knew I made my flight to Munich after a 4 hour layover at Heathrow. It’s been around 24 hours of travelling,

I boarded the plane and sat window with some German man sitting in the aisle seat. When I checked in, the middle seat was empty and it stayed status quo during take off. I immediately pass out once we were in the air from tiredness and can even hear myself snore through my noise cancelling earbuds.

I wake from my slumber hour later when the in-flight meal cart made their way down the aisle. I see newspaper, a man sitting in the middle seat, and also a hand on my thigh. What. The. Fuck!?!?!

This new guy sitting the middle seat was casually reading his newspaper while having his right hand on my thigh when I was asleep. Who does that?? I shook leg and he takes his hand off. The guy has the nerve to start making small talk with myself – asking where I’m going to, where Im staying, how long I’ll be in Munich.

Granted, these would be normal questions people ask when making small talk but YOUR UNWANTED HAND WAS ON MY LEG 5 SECONDS AGO.

I was not in the mood to deal with him and was actually quite mad at the whole situation so I plugged my earphones back in and started writing in my journal… which he tried to read over my shoulder. This is not cool you nosey old-looking Harry Potter. I dozed off looking out the window to only wake up with his hand on my leg YET AGAIN! He then tells me he specifically moved to this seat because “the overhead light wasn’t working in his seat.” THE OVERHEAD LIGHT wasn’t

The plane lands and I cant wait to leave this guy that’s making me super uncomfortable. I pass through security, pick my luggage and am at the ticket booth purchasing my S-Bahn ticket when I feel a tap on my shoulder….

THIS GUY followed me past customs!!! He said that “he has a taxi and that he can take me into the city centre since his work is paying for it.”

Um, let me think about this one…

  1. No no no no no.
  2. Get the hell away from me you creepy mofo.

I leave as soon as possible once I get my S-Bahn ticket and frantically message my friends waiting for me at the train station nearest to our Airbnb about the situation. I am tired as hell and never sleeping again on public transit.

TLDR: A man scoped me out while I was sleeping and put his hand on my thigh while I was asleep. He followed me past customs and “wanted to share a taxi into the city center”. For anyone that hasn’t watched the film Taken, please do. There are so many sketchy predators out there.


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