My Personal Review of the Flights from YVR – LHR – MUC…


Overseas Flight from YVR – LHR:

I flew British Airways for the first time because I thought they’re such a reputable company. Bigggg nope. It was delayed 45 minutes leaving YVR. No big deal. But upon getting to my seat, these seats, which I will inhabit for the 9 hours, ended up being extremely small. I’m a smaller person and I was able to sit there, but not comfortably.

The screens on the headrests were from the 90’s and the buttons on the armrest needed to be compressed all the way down before a selection could be made. They had to reset the entire system 1.5 hours into the flight since half of the cabin couldn’t get their TV to work at all!

PS – Why are there no seat outlets?? My regional airline provides this yet a international flight doesn’t have the money to install this?

Food? Let’s not get there. That shit was just gross. All in all, it was not a comfortable flight and the crew were less than friendly.

In Flight Rating: 2 / 5 stars. I would say BA was just one step up from Air Transat, a low cost carrier that brings North Americans to Europe. Granted I had entertainment, but the screen was so grainy, it wasn’t even worth it.

Flight from LHR – MUC:

I gave myself a 4-hour buffer from London, UK to Munich, GB just to make sure I made my flight. I flew with Lufthansa and their service was impeccable! The crew immediately came out with in-flight services and alcoholic beverages. What was even more awesome was that their ‘snack’ is half a sandwich – a choosing between salami and/or egg salad. Each individually packaged and ready to go. They also had a cup of fresh fruit (grapes) which is an added plus!! In addition, they served alcohol on this 2 hour flight and the sizing of European beer is mental. It’s like 1L of beer for you! 1L of beer for you! We’re gonna get traaaashed on this flight dude!

In Flight Rating: 4/ 5 stars. The Lufthansa crew could speak all kinds of languages and the pilot made an announcement on having fun at Oktoberfest. Why yes sir, I will have loads of drunken fun for you.


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