Oktoberfest by Night – Only Hooligans Stay to Close the Fest Down


After that whole ordeal, I probably got to the Airbnb place by 10:30pm. Still very hungry and now with friends, we made our way to check out the Oktoberfest grounds. It was starting to close by 11:30pm and only the drunkards were still there.

We got some wurst, pretzels and watched drunk people navigate this disgusting waste land. The grounds were littered with paper, confetti, food, and glass. There were girls in dirndls who took off their heels and walked the grounds barefoot now had lacerations on their feet from the broken bottles. The guys in lederhosen were usually in a group of 4 – 5 arms, linked up to each other’s shoulders as they stumbled to the Ausgang [exit].

We, sober as ever, watched a guy stare at his feet which were in this disgusting puddle filled with who knows what. He was a wreck and teeter tottered back and forth. Really, I wanted to see him fall into the gross water for my entertainment. When he was about to make a leap face first to the ground, someone caught him and put him back on his unstable feet. Rats.

My friends and I vowed to not be that drunk when we hit the beer tents the next day. There is a Polizei stracture at the back of the festival, where many kids were sitting on the ground most likely pondering on life and why they drank 8L of bier.

Pro tip eins: Steins are crazy expensive starting from 15 Euro for a baby stein. The regular 1L size is around 40 Euros. A Hofbrauhaus stein? = 45 Euro. It’s mad $$ at O-Fest.

We ended up taking a stein that was left outside with the logos of one of the major beer tents.

Pro tip zwei: Do not eat the gingerbread necklaces that say “Ich liebe dich” or similar wording. That gingerbread is stale as fuck but unless you like eating cardboard textured gingerbread, by all means, go for it.


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