Oktoberfest by Day – We Were Hooligans.


After seeing the mess that is Oktoberfest by night, my friends and I definitely wanted partake the event BY DAY.

We stayed at a flat which was 20 minute walk from the Oktoberfest grounds. Adrian and I split this sofa couch. It was surprisingly roomy and comfortable to fit two grown women and Alvin slept on a mattress on the floor. Our digs was good enough and we crashed hard.

After a glorious 9 hour sleep, we were ready to take on the day. Adrian checked out early to settle in her now-ready Airbnb flat. Meanwhile, Alvin and I slowly made our way out and grabbed a coffee before hitting the fair grounds. It was a beautiful day, the streets were (surprisingly very clean) and walking around the grounds was nice and relaxing.

I never realized that German schools had field trips to this place! Here, I saw little kids paired up with their classmate, with the teacher in the front and a chaperone at the back. They were probably 6-7 years old navigating the crazy field of Oktoberfest with their matching neon yellow t-shirts. Totally adorbs.

From what I recollect / piece together from my whatsapp messages / pictures, our day went like this:


11am: Walk the massive grounds. Check out the rides that spin you around like crazy at insane heights. Price per ride? 5 Euros.. pass… for now.

11:27: Contemplate on purchasing and eating a “Ich Liebe Dich” gingerbread souvenir. Decided against it.

12pm: Alvin and I get seated at a Schutzen-Festzelt. Order our first stein and food (wurst, of course)


Little did I know that THAT wurst smeared in ketchup and gently sprinkled curry powder would be one of two meals I eat all day aka: Val gets completely destroyed off beer.

Adrian joins up with us and we order another stein to ease our way into the day. Some merchants start wandering table to table seeing if people wanted to purchase some Bavarian paraphernalia. Think, fedoras with feathers (which Alvin got), headbands with flowers (which Adrian and I got), handbags, trinkets, and those Ich Liebe Dich gingerbread things I wanted to eat earlier. 10 Euros for the headband and I think 15-20 Euros for the fedora. We didn’t bring traditional wear (dirndls or leiderhosen) because it’s insanely expensive to purchase so this was our little gift to ourselves.

2:30pm: 2 pints deep in 2.5 hours. Not bad. We decide to take the party to another tent:Lowenbrau-Festhalle.

This place was mental. It was atleast 10x larger than the place before. There was a live band on the stage which was in the middle of the tent. People were getting real into the spirit. What do I hear being played? “Sweet Caroline”?



sweeeet carrrrrrrrrroooooo-lineeeeeeeeeeeeee. DUN! DUN! DUN! good times never seemed soo good… *SO GOOD* ! *SO GOOD*! *SO GOOD*!

2 pints shared amongst 3 of us. We sit with some strangers and instantly become best friends. The table behind us is a bunch of people on a Contiki tour. I did a Contiki tour when I went to NZ and Alvin did one in Thailand. The entire tour bus + the 3 of us became BFF4L.

3:30pm: order another round of pints. Things start getting blurry but am still energized from the espresso.

4:30pm: We wander the grounds to check out rides. Starting to get hungry. We see rides and opted for the ginormous slide that required a magic carpet to get us to the top. Alvin films us sliding down. Here is my 5 Euros for the ride sir. Stop for crepes… mm chocolate and banana crepe.

5:00pm: Started Messaging 4 other Canadian friends of mine that are at Oktoberfest too. Trying to navigate drunk with only a picture of a statue proved to be quite difficult. Ends up, they were at the place we were at in the beginning: Schutzen-Festzelt.

Another round of pints are ordered as Alvin and Adrian get to meet Janet, Chelsea, Sasha and Dwayne.


6:30pm: We were talking about how we were roaming the grounds earlier and how I wanted to get those heart-shaped gingerbread cookies.

Dwayne: Don’t buy them!!! I bought one yesterday and they’re stale a f-ck and tastes like sh-t.

Me: *whew*

7:00pm: Let’s check out another beer hall: Winzerer Fahndl /The Paulaner. We go inside and secure ourselves a sweet table. While waiting for our beer, Alvin gets his fedora hat plucked off his head by a random who darted down the crowded aisle hoping that we didn’t follow.

Who DOES that? That was 15 Euros!

Adrian, thinking on her feet, runs after the thief who has decided to put it on their head. She catches up to him and plucks it off their head and brings it back to our applauding table!

7:30pm: Fresh pints in hand, I tell my friends about Rapey Harry Potter and how ridiculous the whole situation was. Everyone is furious at the dude’s nerve to do such a thing. I agreed.

9:00pm:  Another pint in hand, we were on tables dancing, singing, clapping and laughing. The bench seat was rocking from all of our jumping. It was only a matter of time until someone fell… of course, Chelsea and I slip off. She lands on a fucking stein and I land at the edge of the table. Rubbing our sore injuries for a few moments, we continue gleefully singing and dancing.

9:15pm: Girl from the next table asks Adrian to take a photo of her and the group she was with. I looked over at her group and there he was.

Rapey Harry Potter in his stupid plaid shirt.

9:16pm: Drunkenly, I proceeded to tell all my friends (including my new friends in neighboring tables) that he was a rapist. There was this Mexican couple that facing us on the other side of the table asking what I was saying and..

Janet to our new Mexican friends: “Como se dice, “Rapist” en espagnol?”

9:50pm: The live band is still killing it – throwing one great tune after another. What comes on next? Sweet Caroline.




10:10pm: We move on and try to check out other places. Walking along the back end of the fest, we went into Hofbrau-Festzeit. We ordered pints.

10:30pm: Still waiting for pints.

10:35pm: We decided to leave.

11:30pm:  Completely weary and obliterated, the girls grab snacks from a food vendor. Adrian and Chelsea get on this insane contraption of death ride that flung them around in a circle really fast.

How they didn’t vomit before, during or after that ride will be something I will always wonder.

11:50 pm: We leave the fairground and go our separate way promising to meet up the next morning whenever the hell we woke up.

Pro tip eins: If you puke into a stein, you are immediately kicked out of the Beer Tent.

Approximate Totals:

Finished Steins – 7

Newly Made Friends: 100

Enemies Found: 1

Sweet Caroline tracks sung: 2 (that I could remember)










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