How to Travel to Munich during Oktoberfest on the Cheap

It seems like every travel blogger has a “how to get by on only $[insert small amount of cash]/ day.” Being in Munich during Oktoberfest time (which is actually in September by the way), is insanely expensive.

The fact that I paid 60 Euros ($90 CAD) to sleep on an Airbnb host’s couch is redonkulous. Thank god I was only in Germany for 3 nights.



but I digress…

This is Valerie Lai’s take on doing Munich @ Oktoberfest on the cheap. If this advice were in a Lonely Planet book, you would see a single $ sign next to my recommendation.

Let’s have some real talk. You’re in Munich during late September / early October for only one reason: to say you’ve drank/partied at Oktoberfest.  This prep work has to be executed before going to Germany. For those heavy drinkers, you need only do 1 thing:

  1. Abstain from alcohol for at least a solid 2-3 weeks beforehand

Day 1: Festival Day 1

Drinking a stein of beer is wicked expensive. Best bet is to train your body to become a lightweight once you do arrive there. Once you do get to Munich, YOLO it out. Drink to your heart/stomach’s content.

Day 2:

a.) Festival Day 2

Keep drinking to your heart’s content. Make new friends! They might buy you beer. Or, better yet, pre-game before you head out!

b.) Recovery Day

I could only handle 1 day of debauchery with the jetlag and hangover. Take this day easy. Sleep in. Rest. Eat simple foods. Do your best to not feel like complete sh-t and barf all over your host’s couch.


Day 2 was spent walking around the Marienplatz area and checking out the English Gardens. I’ve been to Munich before so I knew what it was all about and did all the touristy stuff previosuly. For your first time, I would recommend joining a free walking day tour if your headache and nausea isn’t holding you back.


The beautiful field where I laid my head

It was cloudy day so we ended up wandering around the Gardens and taking a glorious nap like a true homeless traveler person. Lying on my jacket and my purse as my makeshift pillow, I was good to go.

Need a good snack post-nap? – Try the tea and cakes at Fraeulein Grueneis near the Eisbachwelle.

So I totally made you believe that  I was going to show this revolutionary way of not spending money in Munich. Sorry about that. It’s just not going to happen. It’s expensive and you definitely save money before you get here. It’s no fun when you’re out of cash and want to keep partying.

I was able to save (some) money because I only drank beer and had 1 meal on day one. On day 2 – I was too hungover to actually eat proper foods until much later on the day.

Pro tip eins: Check out the Eisbachwelle at the English Gardens. it is a man-made wave that locals go surf. I watched kids as young as 10 years old professionally navigate the current.


See that tiny kid on the side? That’s the 10 yr old!


Like any trip, budget now so you can live out your own dreams at Oktoberfest!




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