Lisbon Tinder Games


It wasn’t all fun and games in Germany (although it mostly was). After sharing those beers with friends and strangers, all of us ended up getting sick. I was lucky that I was meeting up with my friend Jen in Lisbon, Portugal to catch up and take it easy for a week.

Congested, stuffed up, and husky voice to boot, I wasn’t going to let a silly cold ruin my time in Lisbon! After a full day of touring, we entered into a Wine Bar only to eat the wine bar’s internet bandwidth and see what kind of people we’d meet…. on Tinder.

We sat there for a solid few hours slowly sipping our green wine and completely glued to our phones:

Swipe left. Left. Left. Left. ooouuuuuu *right*. Left. Left. Left. Left.

Me: What do you think of THIS  guy? *Shows phone*

Jen: mmm… I dont think so.

Me: Okay… yeah, you’re right. *swipe left*

Even after 30 minutes, the whole swiping left/right got boring real quick.

To make sure our upcoming weekend in Lisbon was guaranteed to be fun, we needed to secure a date with some cute guys. I proposed the following challenge to Jen:

Whoever is able to secure a date / drinks for tomorrow first wins. The loser is picking up the wine tab. 

By this time, we were at least 3 large glasses of green wine deep. Jen, unwilling to back down from any challenge started tap, tap, tapping away, texting her matches. Watching her turn her A Game on in an instant, I realized I had to quickly step up my own strategy.The unsaid but agreed upon rule is that whoever we meet up should be a “normal” person and not a complete Tinder creep.

Pitted against each other, I think our strengths and weaknesses matched up pretty evenly.


Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.08.37 PM.png

Clearly, I tried to go for quantity strategy while Jen went for.. quality? She was matching with locals and taking her time crafting her response in Portuguese while I was blasting”heyyy” to 20 cute English speaking travellers in Lisbon as well. The locals I did match up seemed to fizzle out pretty quickly since the only thing I say say in Portuguese is “hola”.

Wait, isn’t “hola” Spanish? 

Most fizzled out except for this one local (who I thought was our Airbnb host in Lisbon). Since Tinder only shows you the person’s first name, I tried comparing the tiny display picture on Airbnb’s Confirmation email with the Tinder profile picture.

Was Gustavo 1 aka G1 (airbnb) = Gustavo 2 aka G2(tinder)? Were they related? So many questions!

I even had to break Jen’s concentration to look at Gustavo 2’s photos.

Gustavo 2’s Tinder Conversation went something like this:

Me: Hola! Como vai você?    (Jen taught me the last bit)

Gustavo 2 (possibly G1): Tudo bem. De onde você é? (Doing well! Where are you from?)

Me: Canada. Sorry, I actually don’t speak Portuguese.

Me: Are you… the Gustavo from our Airbnb?

Gustavo 1: No.. but I could be.

*definitely not G2 at this point*

Me: What are you doing tomorrow? My friend and I are going to Rua Nova do Carvalho for drinks.

(at this point I was just too distracted at how hot he was even though the comment above from him was 100% creep-tastic.)

Gustavo 2: I can meet you there. I guess have place where I can stay over too if needed..

Im not going to lie, I was a little bit disappointed that this Gustavo wasn’t Gustavo 1 who picked us up from the Subway station to bring us to the Airbnb flat. He was actually really nice and Gustavo 2 was killing me with the weird comments.


Welp! Looks like the wine bill will be split in half today!





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