Adventures in Istanbul – Magical Rooftop Serenades

There are nights like the I’m about to explain that is so magical and picturesque that words cannot comprehend the emotions behind that moment. It was like picking out a chapter of a romanticized travel book and putting it on the big screen. I am not going to do this night any justice but I’ll do my best to put it into words…

Waking up from a brief nap, Annie and Michael were heading to the hostel rooftop to people watch and drink before going for dinner. A couple staying at the hostel and Aliv, the hostel owner beat us up there and were drinking their wine and chilling out after a day of adventures in the city. Michael knew them and we started our friendly introductions and conversation.

The initial two bottles of wine became four bottles of wine and then some more (probably six by the end of the night) from the lovely couple. Our hunger is getting to the better of us but Aliv insists she orders us takeout to keep our great conversations going. It is absolutely fascinating to meet and learn about other people’s day and what their ‘normal’ consists of and why they are here travelling (literally and figuratively).

Meanwhile, Annie goes back to the room and brings the banjo she’s been travelling around the world with. Annie is such a spectacular person – funny, delightful and all-round performer. She sings covers and original songs as we huddle make a semi-circle of suntanning chairs around her. It was beautiful. It was so fitting. It was perfect.

When she finished, we hear clapping and cheers from the other rooftop. There were another set of guests living in the other building that were listening as well. Aliv, the other knew the guy that runs the other hostel and suggested his group join our party. Instead, he sits on the ledge and plays a song. Annie moves over to our ledge with her legs dangling off the edge and sings in harmony to the same song.


Is this real life? 

He was requesting songs! Jokingly, I shouted back Oasis’ – Wonderwall, a song that any guitar player learns how to play because everyone literally knows the song. Annie looks back at me with a ‘are you kidding me’ look since she told me earlier on that she hated Wonderwall because it was overplayed.

Heh heh heh….

He begins: Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you…

*finishes glare*

Annie: By now, you should’ve somehow realized what you’ve gotta do….

I was elated.

It didn’t need much convincing from Aliv to head over to the next building across the street and I’m glad we did because more music occurred:


THIS gave me hope in people.

This a moment way beyond each individual traveler doing their own thing in a different city/country. It was about sharing, caring, and creating something spectacular with people you don’t know. It’s about giving your skills and abilities to create something … greater? It was inspirational.

The world is so very big and so very small.



4 responses to “Adventures in Istanbul – Magical Rooftop Serenades

    • Thanks for the comment Callie!! 🙂 It had to be the most wonderful and enchanting nights I’ve ever had while on the road. Coupled with Istanbul’s super eclectic culture, I was completely enchanted. I cannot recommend Turkey enough! I hope you have one of these extraordinary days while on the road! 🙂

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