Reasons Why You Must Go to Jordan

10. Travel back to Ancient Civilization – Tell actual travel stories that people are interested in. Going to Mexico at an all inclusive resort to get drunk? borrrrringgggg.

Talk about your insane adventure to Petra and floating in the lowest point below Sea Level (theDead Sea) and how you lived out your dreams as Indiana Jones.


The Street Food. Enough said. I’ve eaten about a 6 person family’s worth of falafel, hummus and pita in a short span of 5 days I don’t think I’ve been more in love with falafel either.



I am literally in love with life right now.

Amman – This is most likely where you’ll land when you get to Jordan. When you think of Jordan, you’re most likely thinking about Petra and the Dead Sea but don’t rush your visit in this city. There are a lot of hidden gems and friendly locals that will invite you for a tea and shisha along the side of the road.

Walk down Rainbow Street and check out the local vendors and shops. My friends and I wanted to go for a smoke and drink and found this lovely place called Books@Cafe, which is a gay friendly bar. Gay friendly and Muslim country usually don’t come together in the same sentence often. It’s an awesome spot though. Downstairs is a book shop while upstairs has an open area to smoke and drink. It’s not exactly a gay bar but a place where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.

8. See the Middle East without the Fear of Dying

See my last post on how my mum thought I was legitimately going to die in Jordan. Don’t let the scary news deter you. It is such a safe country. If you’re looking to try something new, learn a new culture, experience life less beige. Come here.

What I can recommend not trying this bottle of wine that cost 20JD ($40CAD):


Jordinian falafels? = Yes. Jordinian wine? = No. 

Mount Nebo wine was equivalent to drinking nail polish…. yum.

7. Check Out the Entire Country… because you can.


Hop on a Jett Bus from Amman and that will take you to the opposite side of the country. It is a popular mode of transport to get from end to end. It even has a (paid) snack service on the bus where an attendant comes around if you want to purchase coffee, water, and snacks.

It’s pretty comfortable double decker-ish bus and takes about a 4 hour drive from Amman to Aqaba.

6. Snorkel and Dive the Red Sea

Are you into water sports? Jordan offers tonnes of extreme adventure tours for the adventurous spirits. If you do decide to dive the Red Sea, you will not be disappointed in the corals and fish that live there.

5. Feel like You’re Transported to Mars when in Wadi Rum

Have you seen the movie The Martian? Well, Wadi Rum sort of looks like this. Red sand, red rocks. Barren land. It is literally as if you travelled to another world. It’s pretty awe inspiring when you’re there in the middle of no where.

You’ll have to take a 4×4 truck with the Bedouin Squad and climb the impressive sand dunes. For fun, try competing with your friends and sprint up the dunes. On the way back, leap your way down and tumble down to the bottom.


4. Camp Out in the Desert and Caves

Try camping out in the desert or in a cave around Petra. There are local Bedouin guides that can show you where to go. Get an authentic experience and sleep under the stars. Your hosts will play local tunes from their tribes and make your evening one to remember.


3. Chilling out, Maxing, Relaxing all Cool

Have you heard that the Dead Sea helps your skin? Many people come out here to decompress, unwind and unplug. I mean, you’re out in the Middle East – why hell not?! You can Instagram your sick photos later…


2. Learn that Shaving right before Going to the Dead Sea is a Bad Life Choice

A word from the wise ladies and gentleman, do not shave 72 hours before you head off to the Dead Sea. If so, you will




The Dead Sea is 67 kilometres (42 mi) long and 18 kilometres (11 mi) wide at its widest point. The Dead Sea is roughly 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. This salinity makes for a harsh environment in which animals cannot survive. If you have a scrape, a cut or even a mozzie bite, expect to feel it once you hit the water.

Oh, don’t be an idiot and dunk your head into the water. Your everything will burn like no tomorrow.

1. Get all Indiana Jones at Petra by day and by night. 


Try racing camels and horses up to the Treasury, the Monastery and the High Place of Sacrifice. Petra is as spectacular as you imagine it to be. I’m not going to give too much away, but the place will put you in awe.

Remember to bring lots of water, snacks and a camera!





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