The Start of Week 9 of 10


I write this on Halloween at 2:17am in a coffee-induced state. I really shouldn’t have had that coffee at 7pm although I don’t think it’s the coffee that keeping me awake. It’s half stress – from planning my next few legs of the trip. The next 2 months, I’ll be breaking away from the comforts of Beijing and will be heading back out on the road again.

Beijing’s been really good to me. I’ve seen unexpected friends from Canada and caught up withΒ their lives even though I haven’t seen them in months, and for others, years. As I stress/cram for my HSK 3, I’m doing my best to keep it all together. I have it mainly figured out. I think.

I’ll miss the regular schedule of my life that I’ve created. I even tried to create a schedule where I’d work out everyday… but that didn’t happen. Just didn’t have enough time. My friend Catrin who I met on Week 2, already has been gone for a week back to the UK after completing her 3 month internship stint here. Time really flies. It’s so hard to live in the moment when I’m constantly reminded of the future and how much I want to plan.

Since I’ve last written, I threw the idea out to my mom who is retiring at the end of the year to join me before she actually, retires. Annie, a friend I met here said she wanted to go to Kyoto to renew her visa for China and I asked my mom if she’d be interested. We both have never been to Japan so why not!


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