On Leaving Beijing


The past 3 weeks have been travel heavy – with me moving from city to city every 3-4 days, it was difficult to muster the energy to post something on here. Leaving Beijing was more difficult than I thought it would be. I was attached to the people I’ve met, the place I lived, and the routine I created the past few months. Alas, all good things must come to an end, plus, my mom finally decided to meet me in Japan. So, while it was sad to part with this awesome city I’ve called home the past few months, it was exciting to be back on the road.

Next stop: Xi’an, ChinaΒ 


A 1 hr taxi ride from Dongzhimen to Beijing West Railway Station later, I find myself boarding a bullet train headed straight to Xi’an! Here we go! Terracotta warriors! I spent about 4 days / 3 nights here. While the town itself is pretty sleepy, with * wow * a wall that surrounds Xi’an, there isn’t much else to the town.

Terracotta Warriors – there are 3 pits, all of which are equally as amazing but I highly recommend that you start with the 3rd pit and move to the 1st (best pit). The story behind these warriors is that Emperor Qing, a highly revered emperor since he unified China was a little bit cray cray. He wanted to create an army for the after life and by doing so, he employed (well, employed is the wrong word – but more like, forced) Chinese workers to build these life sized statutes of soldiers to bring to the afterlife. Since he wanted them to be Β a secret, they were all hidden underground. Since he was also a paranoid man, he didn’t want anyone else to know he was building all these statutes, so naturally, he killed the workers that built these statutes. Crazy dude. I mean, he drank mercury (poison) thinking that it was the elixir to everlasting life so… you get my point. Cray cray.

You’ve probably heard that each of the warriors have a different facial feature. Its because the workers were carving their own faces on the statues. So, that’s their legacy for their family who would never see them again.

Fun fact: the Terracotta warriors were found by a farmer in the area.

And a quick flight to Chengdu, China

It was all about the pandas. And god damnit, were they cute. Otherwise, Chengdu was sick place to get your spicy food fix. Whatever hot peppers they used, it made my lips and mouth freaking vibrate cause it was so spicy. It was a different spice than anything else I’ve had but good god was it good.

I ended up meeting some Australians in the hostel and we chilled for the next few days. Chengdu was warm compared to Beijing and Xi’an which was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect to party in Chengdu – but, my god, did we party in Chengdu.

I’ve done things in China that I would never do back home and not that I recommend doing these things because it could’ve gone horribly wrong if shit went bad.

x Get in a car with Chinese people that I didnt know from my hostel to a bar we didn’t know

x Party on the 19th and 21st floor of an OFFICE BUILDING. The club surprisingly played the dopest music!

x Try to buy weed off sketchy Chinese people outside of the club. lolol

After Chengdu, I was so ready to see my mom in Japan!


4 responses to “On Leaving Beijing

      • Yes! I’m teaching in China so I’ve had the chance to visit Beijing, Guilin, Yangshuo, Changsha, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, and Wuhan! Have you been to other cities also?

      • That’s so exciting!! You’ve been to more places than I have! My visa was expiring so I had to leave the country otherwise I would’ve stayed longer. I hope to be back in the new year though and explore more of China!

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