2016 Q 4 Update on Life

When I started this journey in September, I knew I’d be going on this once in a lifetime adventure doing what I’ve always dreamed about doing. What I didn’t expect to happen was this great universe gifting me with so many prizes that I never would have thought would happen. I write this  article in beautiful El Nido, Philippines, I reflect with so much joy on all the miracles that happen on the daily. From getting a part time job in Beijing, to convincing my mom to come on a once in a lifetime trip to Japan, to seeing my best friend in Manila, and meeting so many friends, old and new.

I spent the better part of today relaxing, reflecting and reading. The past 4 weeks of travel has been hard on the body and mind. I wanted to be as present as possible and knew I would have to carve out time later on the journey to reflect. So, here I am doing just that.

Even in the span of 4 months, I would say I have changed in many ways. I’ve become very conscious of what I do, what I say, the effects of my actions. I’m also learning to be conscious of my body and what it needs. My mom was there to experience it first hand when I became hungry/hangry. I’m slowly learning how to read my environment – in nature and with people. A friend of mine has said that you can feel the vibe/ feeling of a town/city when you close your eyes and breathe. There is a life to the place by the way it ebbs and flows. All of these things that I’ve mentioned are still a work in progress.

In 2016-Q4, here are my insights:

Biggest Learnings:

  • Going with the Flow – Since I landed in Beijing, life has just thrown me different circumstances to deal with. You either adapt or you get grumpy and whine. From being locked out of my apartment for a full week, to dealing with plugged toilets in Beijing, to using squatters. Just adapt. Go with the flow cause everything is okay.
  • Giving More than Receiving – You never know what people are going through in their lives. If you’re able to give someone something small, a candy, a box of local dessert, they’re more likely to help you out when you need it. It’s not about the receiving part but just generally being a good person helps.

Biggest Surprises

  • Kindness of People – Ive been placed in numerous, NUMEROUS times where I was totally shit out of luck. Magical things have happened. Players, circumstances, and facts have been aligned to brighten and lighten THE REST OF MY LIFE.
  • Realizing, Loneliness is a State of Mine – I haven’t felt alone the entire journey even though I’m typically ‘on my own.’ I’ve met friends along the way that have spiced up the adventure. Also, I’ve been spending a lot of time by myself in El Nido, which has been so rewarding after being around people all the time for the past 4 months. Whens the last time you did whatever you wanted on your own schedule? Ate when you wanted? Napped when you wanted? Do whatever you wanted? I used this time to catch up on a lot of reflection and read for 2 hours today! It was so nice to just READ. Honestly, it’s the simple things in life that make me happy..

Biggest Struggles

  • Doing What I Want to Do – I always think that I’m confused. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. I’m pretty Type A so I usually have a plan for things. But then there are days where I have to convince myself that I am on the right path.
  • Self-Guilt – I place a lot of guilt on myself for living this lifestyle. While nobody has openly said it, but it’s pretty “selfish” to just focus on me. But why wouldn’t one focus on themselves? I feel guilty that my parents and family are working. I feel guilty for doing stuff that people are envious about.
  • Holding Myself Back Financially – I am so financially conscious, well, you need to be to be on a journey this long without a source of income. I find myself holding back on splurges, rarely buying things for myself and sometimes holding back on doing activities when I’m somewhere. It’s not like I’m getting wasted every day – quite the contrary – but I need to let loose once in awhile.

Biggest Achievements

  • Writing the HSK 3 level language test. It was so difficult to memorize characters, and I still dont know a lot of them but I studied my butt off every single day to get it done. When I finished, I still felt good about the exam which is a good feeling.
  • Travelling with my Mom – Learning patience and giving. Some family members were asking how it was travelling with her now that Im older and you know what, I loved it. Life is such a blessing and seeing my mom age, made me realize the fragility of life but it also solidified that needed to spend more time with her.


While I am still apprehensive on giving up the 9-5 life fully, I know I want to start my own business and make my own impact on the world. I need to figure a way to earn money actively and passively. I’ll figure it out…


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