Day 3 – Listen to the Body

I woke up at 5:00am dreading my 6:30am class at Lanna. I groaned and gingerly moved by body from sleeping on my left side to right. Everything hurt. EVERYTHING. My arms, my abs, my hips, my legs. What on earth is going on?! I was feeling crazy thirsty and took a sip out of my 1.5L bottle of water I keep next to bed and try to sleep again.

6:00am: The alarm goes off again. F that. Snooze. No guilt. I was hurting so much. This isnt’ happening. Real life is not real.

7:00am: Wake up again. I mean, I could potentially go to class.. They do start their 5-7km runs at 6:30am.. I hummed and hawwed whether or not to go to class and decided to stay in bed and surf Facebook. I feel mild guilt for not going to class.

9:00am: Okay. Time to get my butt into gear. Class is already at their Abs/Cool down mode. I feel complete guilt for not doing the morning training session and decide to watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment on Youtube. Body is still completely sore and I don’t want to get out of bed.

10:15am: Hunger calls. I eat the 2 bananas I bought the night before and it helps me but I’m still feeling nauseous. I question everything about life as I lay face down on my bed. Why does everything hurtttt?! Why life, why???

11:00am: On my 20 min walk to Maya Mall to get a smoothie, I picked up chocolate milk and bread from 7/11. Chocolate milk is supposed to help with building muscle right? Glug glug glug.

11:15am: Still feel like shit. I am aimlessly walking around the food court making at least 4-5 laps around all the vendors and sweating buckets. I think I have a fever. I ended up settling with some plain noodles with pork meatballs. Still feel like shit. Maybe it was the chocolate milk.. I mean, I am lactose intolerant.. mother f.

11:45am: Bloated. Full. Sweaty. I just need some hot tea to settle my stomach. How does this cafeteria not have a coffee shop for me to sit in?! I go upstairs to the Starbucks and proceeded to get a $4CAD cup of tea and parked my ass there for about 2 hours cause I felt ill. I also ended up texting my friends from home my symptoms in hopes that they can WEBMD this shit.

12:30pm: * TEXT MESSAGES*

val: I’ve been having weird bowel movements. Cant poop for the past 2 days. Leg cramped up in the middle of the night but I’ve been drinking a shit tonne of water. I feel like shit and I skipped my AM class today. I just couldn’t go. Right now I’m bloated as fuck and sitting at a Starbucks because I cant do anything else. Isn’t that sad?

anto: You’re dehydrated.

val: But I drink a lot of water!!

anto and erica: You need electrolytes in your body especially if you’re training 3 hours per session x 2times/ day. Your body needs to balance out

val: ughhh that makes so much sense. I’ve been drinking loads of water and my pee is still dark yellow.

anto: 100% DEHYDRATED. Drink coconut water. They should be everywhere!!

I ended up finding a coconut stand on my walk back to my apartment and stocked up on some electrolyte powders. Just having a sip of both drinks made me feel instantly better. THANK GOD.  I wanted to make it for my 4pm session.

My afternoon session was wicked awesome. I felt stronger, faster, more flexible. My shins and arms are bruised up from yesterdays session but I didn’t care. Today’s focus: right kicks. Correction, proper right kicks by opening up the hips to get power.

Abs, as per usual killed and are sore. But that means that I’m on my way to a 6 pack… right? 🙂


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