Day 9 – 2nd Week of Muay Thai

The past week has sort of flown by. It’s insane how time just slips by even though I haven’t really been doing much but training, eating and sleeping. I’m feeling much better a week in, my cardio and endurance has increased tenfold (even though it is still actually shit).

I’ve really grown to love the trainers – Deng, Nuuk, Snook, and Doi. These guys are awesome and keep the light hearted atmosphere of the gym while still kicking your butt day in. day out. They’re always hitting my biceps and leg. At first I thought they were being creepy dudes – but I’m convincing myself they’re testing how strong I am with each class and want to see if I’d fight back. I do, of course and get my ass handed to me but I keep fighting.

I woke up late today again skipping the run and ended up skipping rope. I’d have to say, I’m getting much better at skipping rope (can count up to 30!) and keep on going. The ropes they have here are so much more different than the ones at home. They made of a heavy plastic and the handles are wooden. They’re heavy and really require a lot of focus and concentration on how it hits the ground. Well, at least I need a lot of hand-eye coordination since I keep whipping my toes and feet when I’m off.

The morning session with Snook was  good. 3 rounds of 4 mins technique drills x 1 min off. Today’s focus was quick leg work. They all know I’m still not fully twisting at the hips to make that powerful right kick. Surprisingly, my left leg is good at twisting through.


  • 10 quick right kicks.
    • Need to remember to keep twisting at hip as much as my core hurts like a MOFO.
  • 10 quick left kicks.
  • jab-jab-right kick and jab-jab-left kick  x 10
  • left jab – right jab- left hook
  • jab – jab – knee. jab – jab – other knee
  • jab – jab – elbow
    • Remember when elbowing, to keep the other hand up to protect your head


  • If there’s a low kick: I pivot back and return with a kick.
    • Ex: He does right low kick. My left leg pivots back and I return with a kick

Last night’s session was really fun since I was able to practice the Clinching technique with Gina. She had her rib broken so I just practiced the knee body shots on one side. Man, was she strong. With clinching, you try to get on the inside to build a frame and to throw the other person off balance while striking.

When you see the opponent throw a knee in, twist the body so it doesn’t hit you in the gut but instead, your side, which is stronger. Its really good for training your neck since your opponent is constantly applying pressure downwards so they can knee you in the face.

All in all, its been a good start to the 2nd week of muay thai and I’m seriously considering staying here for another month… hmmm..


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